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Network security engineer -Mr Shashi

Network engineers are the backbone of the IT infrastructure of companies. Large companies are able to employ many network engineers, while smaller companies often have to hire a consulting group.

Freelance Network Security engineers are in charge of designing, installing, updating and solving any problem that may arise within a computer network. If you want to become a network engineer, you need to feel passion for computers, as well as develop incredible problem-solving skills.


  • In average security
  • In advanced networks.
  • In Operating Systems type Unix / Linux Medium.
  • Average network services applications
  • Support of systems and data services including hardware and software, installation, upgrades and maintenance.
  • Desirable in SOC
  • Indispensable in direct dealings with the user or clients

 Networks and communications :

  • Understanding the OSI model
  • Understanding the TCP / IP protocol
  • Knowledge about HTTP Protocols, HTTPS, DNS, FTP, SSH, SMTP, etc.
  • Knowledge of traffic analysis.


  • Administration of security equipment and Network.
  • Give technical support 1st level.
  • Preparation and updating of technical memories
  • Ticket tracking
  • Evaluation of changes controls to the managed infrastructure
  • Realization of configurations backups.
  • Failure reports of media or infrastructure as appropriate
  • Follow-up on incident reports, changes and requirements
  • Analysis of customer requests.
  • Configuration based on the analysis of customer requests
  • Tracking with provider support (English)
  • Diagnosis of failures in managed services.
Develop other types of skills

The final advice to become a network engineer is to work continuously to develop your social skills, those skills that are not technical. These skills will enable you to cope in whatever role you have to play through your professional life and help you stand out from the crowd of gene t and in the industry. Skills such as: communication, negotiation, problem solving, professionalism, time management and other personal skills will help you in interviews, at work, getting promotions, and finally to a better financial future!

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