What is Network Support Technician?


Network support technicians ensure the businesses laptop instrumentality is designed and conforms to established tips. They’re chargeable for locating the character of the network errors exploitation the suitable software/hardware.


Skills Need Network Support Technician Jobs In 2018

Technical Skills

·     Knowledge of basic and advanced consumer aspect and server aspect operational systems

·       Expertise in networking technologies like LAN, MAN, WAN and peripheral devices

·    Should have sound data of routers, switches, hubs, fiber optics and different technical stuff utilized in establishing networks

·         Competent with the code technologies and virus protection code systems


Key Skills


·       Skilled at understanding and analyzing the styles provided by the network manager and establish networks as per the specifications

·       Should have sensible verbal and written language skills at the side of sound understanding of technical jargons

·         Motivating and may have harmony and try to satisfy the set targets at intervals time

·         Excellent logical skills, mathematical skills and technical skills.

Network Support Technician Job Description

Specific job responsibilities will depend on your work setting, specific job title and other factors, but many network support technicians have duties including:

• Testing and evaluating existing network systems

•Performing regular maintenance to confirm that networks operate properly troubleshooting native space networks (LANs), wide space networks (WANs) and net systems

•Paying attention to customers’ descriptions of their laptop issues

•Asking customers inquiries to properly diagnose the matter

 Setting up or repairing laptop instrumentality and connected devices

  Training users to figure with new element or software system, love printers and email


Finding Network Technician Jobs

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