Account since I do not believe Blade and Soul Revolution gold you knew what you were getting into for this particular game. The core of this game is in its arena PvP. I can understand if you watch some videos of the championship pvp combat although if you don't enjoy the game combat I'm confident you'd change your mind.I get that the outfits may not be to your


tastes but that is a part of the majority of Korean MMOs at this time. The thing you mentioned about the outfits that are male and female is pretty much completely wrong for this game though. The outfits frequently show as much skin and are very form fitting. A whole lot of the outfits for males are super lean just like they are for


the females. That is just giving, although of course, a focus is on the costume design.Since the pve in this is a chore and a bore to boot this game usually draws in the pvp players compared to those simply wanting to take on monsters and the npcs. I mean, aren't the end game substances obtained through pvp dailies? The solid gameplay


of the game, In any event is appreciated - it's a shame that besides BNS Revolution gold pvp, there's small things you can do to keep you motivated. The simple fact that there are only 4"zones" in this, as enormous as they are, nevertheless feels fairly limited.I can sympathize with that. Not a fan of MMOs and I think it's partialy because of that. Partially

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